Anything But Cleaning

Quick and Easy Way to Clean Your Dishwasher
June 13, 2016

Anything But Cleaning

Do you dread your daily house chores? Well you are not alone!

A survey done by Molly Maids, a nationwide house cleaning company, reveals the dirty truth about cleaning. In a 2014 survey of 2,000 American households , it is revealed that a whopping 93% of homeowners would rather be doing anything but cleaning. Therefore, if you despise cleaning, you are not alone, in fact many of your peers probably feel the same. To prove further more, 44% of the people would rather speak in front of a large group, 30% would rather ride in a car with their in-laws for six hours, and 10% would rather eat dog food.

It is clear that cleaning is not a fan favorite chore to do around the house, and although hiring a cleaning service may sometimes be costly, it may be well worth the money. In the survey, in order to escape cleaning, 25% homeowners would skip trips to the salon, 26% would give up a daily cup of Java and 40% would give up going out to eat. Here’s a tip, if you’re in desperate need of help with cleaning, but don’t feel you can afford a cleaning service, try limiting yourself with other spendings, such as eating out or getting coffee daily at your local coffee shop. Lastly, the survey states that 63% agree that bathrooms are the least favorite rooms in the house to clean.

If you were feeling alone, thinking you were the only homeowner that disliked cleaning, think again! So if the struggle is real for you, remember there are many professional cleaning services out there that would be more than willing to help you!

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